Cornerstone Adult Bible Class Podcast

Starting in September 2015, the Adult Bible Class as Cornerstone will be examing many of the Old Testament prophets in order to see how Jesus, the Messiah is all over every page and should be uppermost in our lives.

OT Survey 02

This new year, we set out to take on the study of the entire Old Testament in just a few weeks. Join us as we take a survey of “Promises Made"


Darin Bernard teaches us about Jeremiah: how God used a man who would have been considered a failure by all accounts today to speak His Word to His people long ago and do so faithfully

Hosea 6 & 7

We’re not that different, sadly, than ancient Israel: there is great danger in (merely) going to church.

Hosea 5–6

Over the summer months, while Pastor Kevin was on sabbatical, Frank Blocki, one of our elders, began a series in the Prophetic book of Hosea. Unfortunately, we were not able to get those initial sessions recorded. However, we’re now ‘live’ and here is Hosea, chapters 5 & 6.

Daniel 5 - Warnings of Mercy

In Daniel 5, we have a new ruler…but not for long, as God’s merciful warnings of judgment come to fruition

Daniel 4 - God's Grace is Sovereign & Free

Daniel 2 - When the Bottom Falls Out

Daniel’s life is at risk once again. What will he do – what will we do when the bottom falls out?

Daniel 1 - The Pursuit of Holiness

More than a ‘nice’ Sunday school story, the account of Daniel & his cohorts points us to Christ.

God's Glory 04

In today’s class, we talk about the metaphors God uses to describe His church and who belongs to it

God's Glory 03

Today, we take a look at who represents God’s Kingdom here on earth.

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