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Real Christianity, Real Christians & The Real Christ

Is Jesus really the Son of God? Did God truly take on human flesh? And, if so, why? Does a peson’s character matter any more in this day in which we live? Why not just avoid hypocrisy and live out how we really feel? Why is church necessary? Can’t I simply live my faith out on my own?

These are all questions, while modern enough, were running through the minds of believers 1900 years ago, when John, the Apostle, was overseeing the church at Ephesus. He sent a letter to be circulated to many of the churches in what is now the western half of Turkey. Many teachings were rising up from within these churches, most of them misleading and damaging. Leave it to John, even though old (perhaps 90-years-old now), to still be a “son of thunder” and set things clear.

We’ve just started a series that will take us through this delightful letter. Come and hear the Word proclaimed and then listen again a bit later via this web site or podcast.


“We Believe…”

These two words begin the Evangelical Free Churches Statement of Faith on each of it’s ten points. We believe these things. Yes, we believe, but do we know, understand and confess –– say the same thing with one heart and one voice? We’ll spend the next several weeks going through our doctrinal statement, highlighting pieces and seeking to draw out some practical implications for us as a gathered assembly.

Join us each Sunday at 9.15 a.m.


Michael & Cayla Boettcher, M.A.R.C.

This Sunday, March 19, 2017, we have a very special guest family with us: Mike & Cayla Boettcher, along with their four children. Mike & Cayla serve in Alaska with Mission Aviation Repair Centers. This is such a vital ministry since so many misisonaries and others need to get to remote places in Alaska by airplane. Join us as the Boettchers update us on what God has been doing, and what they hope to see in the years to come. That’s this Sunday at 10.30 a.m.

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