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Job: The Wisdom of the Cross

Suffering. None of us likes it. None of us looks forward to it. Yet sufferings come to us all. Some small. Some large. Some nearly devastating.

So, how do you respond in the midst of your suffering? How do you speak to those who are under the weight of it all? Can you see Christ in any of it?

These are some of the questions we’ll have addressed as we walk through the Old Testament book of Job. Come join us on Sunday mornings at 10.30 a.m. and hear God’s Word opened.

Come and hear the Word proclaimed and then listen again a bit later via this web site or podcast.


All The Way Through

There is a story line that runs, like a scarlet thread, all the way through Scripture. It tells the story of God’s great love for us, His longing to rescue us, and His faithful promises made (and kept!) in order to do just that. Our youngest children through the adult class will be learning the same theme this year: God’s Plan of Redemption Through the Whole Bible. So, get up on Sunday morning, get the coffee on (or wait until you get to Cornerstone and have a cup on us), and bring everyone to a class. This will be a very good study for all of us.

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